Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cooper Hampton

Keegan loves her cousin cooper and he definitely loves her back..

Cooper is my sister Britney's little boy he turned one in September and is a bundle of energy. Cooper is such a special little person to us! It is hard to describe the love I have for that little boy. I always knew when my sisters had children that I would love them so much but when Cooper was born the love I experienced for him was so much bigger than anything I had ever imagined. I can't even begin to describe what he means to me. He is such a sweet little boy and has the best personality! When Britney was pregnant with Cooper, Chad told us he just wanted Cooper to be funny and for people to like him. Well I think Chad hit coopers personality right on. He is always doing such cute and funny things.
I am so excited for the relationship that Keegan and Cooper are going to have. Cooper is only a little boy but he has so much love for Keegan! Every time they come in town and he sees her for the first time he gets so excited and wants to crawl in her car seat with her and give her a kiss. He is always wanting to lay on the floor beside her, kiss he, or touch her or pat her (sometimes poke her but its all in love). I can't wait for them to grow up together and be able to play and have fun together. Cooper doesn't say a whole lot of words yet (This does not mean he doesn't talk, we just don't know what he says most of the time) but one very special word he does say is "Kee" this is what he calls Keegan. I think it is such a sweet thing that one of the few words he says is her name..
Britney Chad and Cooper live 3 hours away and it kills me to be that far away from them. We usually get to see them about every 2 weeks (I know some people are probably thinking that is often but in the wells family 2 weeks is along time). We love spending time together and I wish they lived closer. God has blessed us with such a wonderful family!

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